STOG Mission Institute

STOG Mission through her missions groups on campuses train young people through discipleship trainings, vocational trainings, bootcamps, outreaches etc. and these campus students in turn handle the STOG secondary school projects by training secondary school students as well. Some of these campus students who desire to be missionaries go on to acquire special training at the STOG Mission Institute and become mission influencers. The Mission Institute runs a five module course with trainings holding three (3) times a year in rented facilities, a rather capital intensive venture, which would be solved once the STOG Mission House building project is brought to a completion. One of the offshoots of the STOG Mission Institute is that these students now hold clusters of discipleship centers in their schools and hostels, a chain reaction that indicates the students are passionate about spreading the gospel. STOG Mission Institute handles three (3) major trainings for aspiring missionaries: ELART - Emerging Leaders and Associates Retreat & Training Business As Missions Rural Vocational Trainings

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We seek to reach young people everywhere, in secondary schools, tertiary institutions and anywhere young people can be found in Nigeria, to teach them kingdom principles, train them through discipleship forums, impact them with the spirit of excellence, deploy them as missionaries into rural and urban communities, and train them to disciple and mobilize others also.

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