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The story of inclusion through Christian missions is one that isn’t widely known. It takes the eyes to see, the heart to follow but it takes compassion and sacrifices to truly accomplish transformation. The STOG led by Sinmi Alao, continues to conibute to Nations building through people and communities advocacy. Over the years, STOG Mission home has raised babies to become boys and girls, infants to become men and women, the uneducated to become undergradutes and gradutes.

In like manner, the STOG mission base shelters over 120 vulnerable young people. Our story is written in chapters telling tales of 15 years of raising children orphaned through indulgences and terrorists invasion, Journeys into the heart of rural communities despite the stormy tides of religion and resistance, The Chronicles of victims of terrorist attack, from displacement to triumph, The revamp of street children whom are deprived of the privilege of going to school and of a good childhood through the STOG revamp center which welcomes children from school, for educational improvement, value building, bible club, and of course the provision of a meal per day, The Mission is further engaged in building confidence in the minds of vulnerable youths faced by homelessness and claws of social vices, Health promotions through mini community clinics in the last miles of society, Temporary schooling for IDP based Children, Development drives through water projects, vocational trainings, empowerments, adult literacy and programs, And the instilling of faith in the hearts of the faithless through the prayer walk Nigeria. This how we make stories with every engagement of the African communities impact drive. STOG is changing the narrative of Christian Missions through visible economic and nation building contributions. Its about the inclusion of maginalised communities and people, especially children through the Chritian missions. Its about re-establishing the foundation of Christian missions as Nation builders. For Sinmi; Compassion is always a tool for people and community change and intervention. You can visit us today at No 18 road 23 Abake estate Akobo or at Emmanuel’s missions base Olorunda Ibadan.

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STOG mission is a wonderful organisation, they did a wonderful job in the community
Thank you for the Training you did in Ibadan, its has done a lot in my capacity building
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Solution To Our Generation

STOG mission have been in existence for more than 5 years, and since then the organisation have been involved in series of life impacting programs, Training, rescue missions, Rural missions, Outreaches and many more.

500 Team Members
5000 Lives Impacted
50 Communities Impacted