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STOG Stories #4

The STOG African Communities Impact Drive is on a mission to drive sustainable impact and development in African rural communities.

From digging wells to building Solar powered boreholes for rural communities, our story spans through years of Christian Mission and transformation of African communities through compassion driven activities.

Our highlight today is the Elefon Village, somewhere lost in the boundaries of southwest Nigeria. From the glee of little children to the smiles that spread across the chapped lips of the elderly, one can attest to the joy and impact made in the community via the Living Water Project.

The story continues, from one community to another as we provide access to clean water for rural dwellers. You can imagine people drinking and fetching water to cook from the same river where they bath and wash. It’s one of the reasons our Living Water Project is executed alongside a medical outreach. Cases of cholera and other water borne diseases are popular upon arrival at these rural communities.

Clean water is synonymous to good health, everyone should have access to clean water. This is how we help each other, we only have ourselves. When it comes to Mission Retail, you can not help someone or make an impact somewhere without first connecting with their pain. We have used the Living Water Project as a means of connecting into the hearts of these rural communities and giving them hope beyond ease of access to clean water; The hope in the gospel of Christ.

It’s amazing how the Spirit works in one accord. Upon STOG Mission’s arrival at Elefon Village, the community head testified that a man had previously come to the community to announce a breakthrough for the village water problem in mysterious way.

Elefon village is not a place you find even if you were standing on a wall! Yet; we were led there by The Compassionate force of Gods charity.

We can boldly testify that by faith God led us to this village to give the love of Christ which is the entrance of His gospel. Everywhere there is water. There is Hope!

Love drives on Compassion and compassion drives change