Since its inception in 2007, the Click-On-Hope Orphanage only admits children of missionaries who died on active mission through religious crises or the insurgencies. We further admit orphans and vulnerable children discovered through the rescue mission operations into the Mission Base (different from the Mission’s orphanage home). These children are admitted following due process, so as to prevent problems from arising in the future for both the child and the Mission. 

A total number of (86) have been admitted into the orphanage since its inception. Many come into the home broken-hearted, hopeless, dejected and traumatized but through the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to fan their flames of hope. It is for this reason we do not refer to them as orphans in order to disassociate them from their past life and usher them into a new light in Christ Jesus. These children are further enrolled in various institutions of learning from primary school to the University.

The children at the Mission Base are of-course not excluded. Just as the children at the Click-On-Hope Orphanage home, vulnerable and displaced children gotten through the Mission’s rescue mission operations are enrolled in temporary IDP schools, set up to ensure their formal education is not delayed. As we know, knowledge is power. Thus by empowering and equipping these young ones with adequate knowledge we are taking a vital step towards ensuring a bright future for them.

Presently, the Mission has a total number of thirty-two (32) children {four infants, nineteen children in primary school and nine children currently in secondary school} in the orphanage and is currently engaging a total number of two hundred and ten (210) vulnerable persons at the IDP Camp/Mission Base. While we have for long tried to shoulder the responsibility of catering to the needs of these children/young people, the demands are becoming more than we can handle. Nevertheless, we trust GOD continuously for provision even as we take a leap of faith and prepare to expect several displaced persons on the 3rd week of April.

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