The rural community outreach includes medical, welfare, and other love-centered activities that will take place in one of our most remote mission localities, Elefon, which is located in the southwestern corner of Osun State. We’ve been dealing with this village for about two years, and we have a resident missionary working with the locals. Even though we first encountered Elefon as an Islamic village, the villagers have converted to Christianity, and discipleship has been taking place there every Thursday since the mission field’s inception. In 2022, the Lord assisted us in constructing a solar-powered borehole for the community. We were able to build a place of worship for the villagers earlier in 2023, and on May 21, 2023, we will officially open the STOG MISSIONS ELEFON COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER. Glory to God.We praise God. We have also empowered the village women and girls economically. The resident missionary has also established a starter school in the village square for children who do not have access to a primary school unless they travel several kilometers to the nearest school.


  • Prayers
  • phone calls/e-mails
  • Donations;
  • Prayers
  • Phone calls/e-mails
  • Volunteering and financial donations
  • Donations;
    1. welfare
    2. educational materials
    3. Health clinic supplies
  • Sponsor;
    1. A medical outreach
    2. A health worker’s salary
    3. A mission outreach
    4. A Resident missionary
    5. missionary’s child’s education,
    6. A borehole etc.