Medical Outreach

Over the years, we have used our medical outreaches as a way of entering into the heart of the rural communities. The reason is simple. The rural communities do not have access to basic health care facilities, and the closest are miles away. This has led to deaths of many due to medical issues that could have been prevented if the needed facilities were in place. Our medical outreach, hence, is an important part of our rural missions.

Currently at the Ajiwogbo community and environs, we have a functional health center that caters for the basic medical needs of the people, all at subsidized rates. This and many more is the Mission’s establishment of STOG in Rural communities. Many locals in the various rural communities we have engaged, receive stage one medical interventions. We have been able to set up community Clinics at Ajiwogbo-Eleyin and Olode-Falola maternity bay. We have doctors who pay monthly visits to these communities for medical checkups and assistance. Subsequently, since the beginning of the year, 2022, two bouncing babies have been born through our medical assistance.

In 2014, STOG missions started engagement in certain local settlements beginning with visual representation to serve values reorientation and enhance values representations of the local communities. Adult literacy, community health outreaches, and interventions, amongst other things, were the different avenues explored to contribute to the lives of these authentic rural people on behalf of Jesus Christ.
Moving up the years, we discovered that several newborns and infants die in Ajiwogbo, and at the time, almost up to 62% of newly borns were lost in 2016. In 2017, We were led to have medical aids and interventions at least at the level two primary health interventions, including pre-maternal care, maternal care, and post maternal care—also, treatments of diabetics, tuberculosis, pains, arthritis, and of course, immunizations. Several issues contributed to the percentage of lives lost, e.g., sickle cell anemia. missiles amongst others.
In April 2019, STOG missions opened the first community medical unit. In a very humble building with a volunteer Doctor, One Nurse, and 1 Nursing assistant. This sickbay/community Clinic has served the Ajiwogbo community and environs since then. Although the community people can hardly pay for the drugs or consultation, we have scaled through thinly in the alst two years and even initiated some other health practices and interventions across other rural settlements.
In 2021, child / maternal mortality reduced to 17%which has opened our eyes to see how we can preserve several lives through a bit of effort of Big sacrifices for our Communities.

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