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Support a Child - Orphanage

Every contribution to this cause will go towards the overall running of the orphanage; feeding, welfare, education and all-round upbringing of children in the STOG Click-on Hope Orphanage home. Help us Raise a Child Today.

REVAMP the Street Child

Every contribution towards this cause will go towards the purchasing of books, uniforms and other school supplies, payment of school fees and feeding of these children. Help us place more children in school. Join us to REVAMP a street child today.

Water the Communities

By providing water for communities, we significantly reduce the health risks caused by water-borne diseases and foster good health and healthy living among rural dwellers. Contribute to this cause to secure a good life cycle among rural dwellers.

Fund Mission Journeys

STOG Rescue Mission provides immediate response and support primarily for displaced persons and victims of insurgencies/riots in any part of the nation. Fund and support the journeys of Christian missionaries to different parts of the nation.