EDGE is a strategic training platform of the STOG TRAINING INSTITUTE. Otherwise known as the Life Management Training, the EDGE training is a leadership, personal development and capacity building program aimed at equipping young believers (especially vulnerable teenagers and youths) towards developing exemplary leadership and resourceful skills.  

Unveiling EDGE

EDGE – Excellently Delivering God’s Expectation & Expressions on Earth.

This trainings includes;


As GOD began demystifying mission to us, he opened our eyes to see a life of excellence as a great tool for missions. Excellence in righteousness yields good results that enables us function on the various mountains of influence (mountain of religion, mountain of economy, mountain of family, mountain of government, mountain of arts entertainment, mountain of media and the mountain of education) by creating platforms of influence in our generation through the gospel. Thus, we train young people on excelling through righteousness as a tool for missions.

As seasons evolve and the world becomes more technologically advanced, we have also intensified this discipleship model through online engagement with the youths in our campus units and others from everywhere they may be joining around the world. Subsequently, we further engage young people in discipleship trainings to help develop their spirituality. Our facilitators are christain volunteers who are highly trained and respectfully profiled in their various sectors. Earlier this year in January, we had the EDGE training for 15 young people. This training ran for a duration of two weeks. Four of the participants have been registered for exams and are currently being engaged in one training or the other to further help them develop and hone their skills.

Success Stories

In the last two years, three students who have gone through the STOG TRAINING INSTITUTE by STOG across various universities in Nigeria, now hold positions in the Student Union Government, SUG, of their respective schools. Applaudinly, one is the current SUG president of XYZ University. It brings us great joy to know that these ones are using their influence to raise disciples like themselves.

Two others have begun fully registered NGOs; C’LIGHT and AFRIDOL CHARITY HUB respectively, and are reaching out to fellow youths by organizing vocational trainings in secondary schools and rural settlements. C’LIGHT and AFRIDOL CHARITY HUB are both active on Facebook and Instagram

These young leaders are evidence and living testimonies of the discipleship program being run at STOG. We are really glad that they have keyed into the STOG’s vision in their own ways in their various areas of influence according to their capability. They have proven that it is possible to permeate your area of influence by living the life of God.

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