From Street to School

Research reveals that over three hundred children are living on the streets in Africa. The plight faced by these children ranges from emotional trauma, to sexual abuse, to exploitation, to hunger, to lack of education and many others.

The STOG REVAMP Center has been at the forefront of revamping Street children and providing them with good quality education. This Christmas, the center is putting together special ‘Street to School’ Christmas packs to gift many children on the street.

With as little as N15,000, you can contribute to the education of these children and get them kitted up for a new academic term even as we work towards registering them in schools.

Each pack contains the following items:

  • School bag
  • School Sandals
  • School Books
  • School Uniform
  • Stationeries

Every donation will go towards the enrollment of these children in schools and gifting of ‘Street to School’ Christmas packs.

About 820 bags and 220 shoes has been purchased. We can do more collectively.

Let’s do this!

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