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    For the past 15 years, STOG Missions continues to develop people and communities through welfarism, community interventions, rural empowerment, trainings and development of youngsters, medical outreaches, rescue missions and spiritual development.


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    Living Water

    Water is a basic need of life. How do you cook, eat, stay healthy and adequately take care of the home without water? In many rural communities, not only is there little/no access to clean water but access to dirty water is as well, relatively difficult.


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    The IDP Camp is a first response structure that ensures formal education of displaced children gotten through the STOG’s rescue mission operations is not delayed. These schools cater to children between the age of five to fourteen, who are victims of terrorism/insurgencies.


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    Prayer Walk Nigeria

    Discover the amazing ways GOD moves when people gather to pray. We march onward as christian soldiers, raising our voices in prayer to our king until the kingdom of HeavTaking a cue from the book of Jeremiah 29:7 (MSG), the Prayer Walk Nigeria started in 2018


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    African Communities Impact Drive is a community driven impact project geared towards the transformation and development of Africa rural communities. It's a Mission network that promotes inclusivility of marginalized peoples and communities beyond the society's last mile. 


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    The REVAMP Street Outreach program is geared towards revamping the street child.Through this program, we have gained much discovery. A good number of children on the street have been denied their childhood and often wander/are sent to the streets to fend for themselves.


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