African Communities Impact Drive is a community driven impact project geared towards the transformation and development of Africa rural communities. It’s a Mission network that promotes inclusivility of marginalized peoples and communities beyond the society’s last mile.

The African Communities Impact drive has over the years engaged in women empowerment, child advocacy (both the boy and girl child), youth training, development and empowerment, community based development projects, revamp of the African street child, displaced persons care and resettlement of displaced persons and many other projects/programs/activities centered around developing and positively impacting various communities across Africa.

Through this drive, we have set up temporary schools in IDP camps to provide education for vulnerable young people, provided shelters and accommodation for children (orphans) of missionaries who died in the course of missionary activities due to religious crises and as well been able to provide first-immediate response to victims of conflict and insurgency zones for the past fifteen (15) years.

The Mission Retail Consultation, another initiative of the African Communities Impact Drive, is a virtual meeting put together to discuss key prevailing issues affecting major African communities in order to create consciousness in the minds of people and jointly
develop effective tactics to tackle them. The consultation is open to everyone and anyone driven by passion for the children on the streets of Africa, people and communities advocacy and a strong desire to change of the narrative of African communities. Our last consultation was themed “Perspectives on Nation Building through Christian Mission – African Street Children deprived of their Childhood; Causes and Intervention” (Click
here to read the brief summary of the webinar below)
<<this is where you reference the Mission retail Exercise report I sent to you.

Join us on the 20th of November for The Mission Retail Exercise 2.0 themed: “The Girl on the Streets, is a Woman!” 

The girl child seems to be more on the receiving end of societal decadence. These girls take up responsibilities that should be in their future even before they meet their present.

  • She takes care of her younger ones
  • She cares for herself
  • She splits between school and the streets
  • She’s had too many men, she’s lost herself in their numbers.
  • She’s thirteen but she’s a woman!

A talk can be a start, sanitary towels can be distributed but the ultimate is a change of mindset, gift of values and extreme adventures of love!

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